Spring brings Silver Maverick for brides

Spring is in the air and in the step of many a bride-to-be.

With fabulous bridal styles presented in magazines and online, you may have envisaged: waltzing down an aisle in a mesmerising full-figured ball gown, walking across white sands in a cool and simply tailored dress, gliding up the steps of a stately home in your regal cape and train, or rocking up to your wedding tepee in tulle and leathers. Whatever your wedding dress dream, you’ve probably opted for something that wonderfully celebrates ‘you’ – a style you are comfortable with; one you love whilst reflecting your personality and inner beauty.

Brides can dedicate so much time and effort into their search for a wedding dress. Some may love to tour the boutiques trying on every style imaginable, quaffing on the sparkle and giving a twirl for teary-eyed mothers, sisters or besties (or all three). Others may prefer to research online, go for one try on session and job’s a good’n. Whatever your approach – there’s much fun to be had in the choosing.

So, with your super-special wedding frock sorted, it’s time to add the finishing touches. That’s where Silver Maverick comes in…
Silver Maverick jewellery is handcrafted, contemporary sterling silver jewellery made with love. Each piece is a one-off creation and will be special and unique to you. As affordable, individual designs, every piece will celebrate your own unique style and beauty – perfect for your wedding day!
Why not order some stunning Silver Maverick today?  The design featured is available via

Other designs can be seen on or you may send a message via either platform if you have any enquiries.

If you’ve already got your wedding jewellery but like what you see, please do follow Silver Maverick …… oh, and best wishes for a wonderful wedding day! x

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