Spiritual Clear Quartz bracelet 01 – Yoga inspired collection


There’s something so delicately beautiful about this Yoga inspired bracelet.  Made with clear quartz round beads to activate the Crown Chakra and your spirituality, each bead is threaded onto a precious sterling silver beading chain.  A moveable sterling silver bar charm with the hand stamped word ‘Spiritual‘ gives the bracelet a contemporary edge whilst enhancing its deeper meaning.   Alongside the silver bar charm is a small sterling silver chain bearing a rose quartz to bring compassion and unconditional love.

If you seek jewellery that touches you on a meaningful level, or if you enjoy or are inspired by the power of Yoga, this contemporary piece will be a pleasure to wear.  Regardless of the master healing properties said to be associated with clear quartz, this bracelet looks stunning for an evening out or for a wonderfully special occasion.

The bracelet measures approximately 20cm in length; including a sterling silver bolt ring clasp to fasten.  The silver bar charm is 3cm by 0.6cm.

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A contemporary, yoga inspired, clear quartz bracelet.  Said to be a master healer, to enlighten and to aid clarity of mind – clear quartz also looks stunning when coupled with sterling silver.  A meaningful piece to wear and enjoy.


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