My first Silver Maverick blog is born

To mark the recent birth of a bouncing baby of a business – the beauty of something new-born, mesmerising, innocent and pure.  It’s been developing for months; nurtured within, yet kicking out more recently as my creative ideas and one-off products reached full term.

Listening to others still doesn’t prepare you for what’s to come.  The joy, the excitement, the sleepless nights… the teething problems.

“Congratulations, so what are you calling it?”
“Silver Maverick”
“Oh… how… unusual.  Lovely.”
“Unusual?  I hope so.”

“Yes, Silver for obvious reasons, and Maverick, well, to reflect the unorthodox, the individualist, free-spirit, or even rebel.”

Many will give their advice on how to bring up the business: how often to feed it with social media and which ones to feed it on of the tried and tested formulas.  Should you employ someone to help look after your business baby or should you work things through yourself?  What if you face a few difficulties? – a dose of Calpol just ain’t going to get this baby cooing again.  There’s so much help and expertise out there.  Mind you, I’m not great at asking for the help – I’m more of a “I can do it thanks” (but then after much trial and error and maybe some throwing of my ‘technical’ toys out of the cot, there may be times when I need to let someone else take the reins!)

But, there’s so much to be enjoyed.  Being able to create.  To design and lovingly make unique pieces of jewellery for style setters who don’t want to wear the same as everyone else; who like to celebrate their individualism.  There’s taking those first steps.  It’s a bit wobbly launching yourself into the big wide world of jewellery.  But it’s also incredibly exciting thinking and dreaming of what could be around the corner.

Mostly, I am feeling like a proud mum.  Proud that I’ve created a beautiful little business.  Hoping that Silver Maverick will grow healthily, shine into the lives of jewellery lovers, trendies, hipsters, fashionistas and style gurus alike, and that the world will be its oyster.

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