Little dances and Christmas shopping

If you’re anything like me, you’ve kind of half opened an eye to Christmas, spotted the creeping in of Xmas cards and packaged gifts on the high street, but you’re not yet in the full swing of Christmas shopping. 

I always find that, come the end of October, there’s Halloween to spook you off track, then Bonfire night to think about (usually involving comforting a quivering pooch)…. And then…. bring out the shopping bags – it’s all about countdown to Chrimbo!

Since I starting selling my handcrafted Silver Maverick jewellery, I’ve become far more conscious of the efforts of the independents out there – those who may live and work locally, busy creating and selling things that they love and hoping that others will too.  This year, in the run up to Christmas, I’m looking forward to having a right good browse for some lovely local treats. 

I’ve no doubt that my two children will be hoping for something technical, my husband will say he’s really not bothered what he gets and my parents will be reminding me that “it’s the thought that counts.”  So, aside from some ringing, tapping, or screen-based pressies, I reckon I’m gonna fill their stockings with some unique and thoughtful gifts that will surprise and delight whilst supporting some lovely small businesses.

We’ve all seen the phrase on social media, “When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.”  This definitely resonates with me and it conjures a smile if I actually think about those dances.  How would these small business owners dance?  Does the chocolate maker waltz smoothly across the floor, the candle maker spark up into a vibrant tango, the fashion accessories seller start vogue-ing, or the home gifts trader get into the groove to some old school house?!  

It’s fair to say that every sale takes me one dance step nearer to a full on boogie.  If you have someone special to buy a Christmas gift for; someone who would appreciate a one-off piece of contemporary handcrafted sterling silver jewellery, then why not treat them to a piece of Silver Maverick?  Every piece is totally unique and lovingly created so the wearer can celebrate their own individual style.  Please have a browse on my site or click on through to to check out other available pieces you can message me about or to find details of any Christmas fairs or Pop Up Shops I’m attending.  Would be lovely to have a dance on your behalf 😉

Happy Christmas Shopping xx

Spring brings Silver Maverick for brides

Spring is in the air and in the step of many a bride-to-be.

With fabulous bridal styles presented in magazines and online, you may have envisaged: waltzing down an aisle in a mesmerising full-figured ball gown, walking across white sands in a cool and simply tailored dress, gliding up the steps of a stately home in your regal cape and train, or rocking up to your wedding tepee in tulle and leathers. Whatever your wedding dress dream, you’ve probably opted for something that wonderfully celebrates ‘you’ – a style you are comfortable with; one you love whilst reflecting your personality and inner beauty.

Brides can dedicate so much time and effort into their search for a wedding dress. Some may love to tour the boutiques trying on every style imaginable, quaffing on the sparkle and giving a twirl for teary-eyed mothers, sisters or besties (or all three). Others may prefer to research online, go for one try on session and job’s a good’n. Whatever your approach – there’s much fun to be had in the choosing.

So, with your super-special wedding frock sorted, it’s time to add the finishing touches. That’s where Silver Maverick comes in…
Silver Maverick jewellery is handcrafted, contemporary sterling silver jewellery made with love. Each piece is a one-off creation and will be special and unique to you. As affordable, individual designs, every piece will celebrate your own unique style and beauty – perfect for your wedding day!
Why not order some stunning Silver Maverick today?  The design featured is available via

Other designs can be seen on or you may send a message via either platform if you have any enquiries.

If you’ve already got your wedding jewellery but like what you see, please do follow Silver Maverick …… oh, and best wishes for a wonderful wedding day! x

Hello. Come on in.

Take a soft, white, lustrous metal.  Have a stylistic vision.  Embrace creativity, individualism and perhaps the unorthodox…

Welcome to Silver Maverick…

Prepare to be tempted and in lust with unique handcrafted silver jewellery.

Check out the Lowdown.  Peruse the pics.  Imagine yourself in a piece of Silver Maverick that is totally you; unique, special and a wonderful one-off!

Fun-loving, feisty, fashionable? Serene, modernistic, glamorous? However you rock, Silver Maverick aims to give you that sparkle and to capture your individual spirit and style.

I hope that you get that wishful glint in your eye as you view the pieces shown on this site.  A feeling that you’ve found something that is “just you” or perfect for the person you have in mind.

As a Silver Maverick customer you will shine in your own special way.  So – enjoy browsing, be inspired, and hopefully a piece Silver Maverick design will soon be yours.

Laura x

My first Silver Maverick blog is born

To mark the recent birth of a bouncing baby of a business – the beauty of something new-born, mesmerising, innocent and pure.  It’s been developing for months; nurtured within, yet kicking out more recently as my creative ideas and one-off products reached full term.

Listening to others still doesn’t prepare you for what’s to come.  The joy, the excitement, the sleepless nights… the teething problems.

“Congratulations, so what are you calling it?”
“Silver Maverick”
“Oh… how… unusual.  Lovely.”
“Unusual?  I hope so.”

“Yes, Silver for obvious reasons, and Maverick, well, to reflect the unorthodox, the individualist, free-spirit, or even rebel.”

Many will give their advice on how to bring up the business: how often to feed it with social media and which ones to feed it on of the tried and tested formulas.  Should you employ someone to help look after your business baby or should you work things through yourself?  What if you face a few difficulties? – a dose of Calpol just ain’t going to get this baby cooing again.  There’s so much help and expertise out there.  Mind you, I’m not great at asking for the help – I’m more of a “I can do it thanks” (but then after much trial and error and maybe some throwing of my ‘technical’ toys out of the cot, there may be times when I need to let someone else take the reins!)

But, there’s so much to be enjoyed.  Being able to create.  To design and lovingly make unique pieces of jewellery for style setters who don’t want to wear the same as everyone else; who like to celebrate their individualism.  There’s taking those first steps.  It’s a bit wobbly launching yourself into the big wide world of jewellery.  But it’s also incredibly exciting thinking and dreaming of what could be around the corner.

Mostly, I am feeling like a proud mum.  Proud that I’ve created a beautiful little business.  Hoping that Silver Maverick will grow healthily, shine into the lives of jewellery lovers, trendies, hipsters, fashionistas and style gurus alike, and that the world will be its oyster.