The Lowdown

Hello.  My name is Laura and I’m the owner, designer and creator of Silver Maverick; a unique brand of handcrafted silver jewellery.

My passion for creativity in fashion has developed since my childhood days of delving deep into a dressing up bag full of my mother’s old and beloved 60s and 70s clothing.  I grew up, worked and partied in and around Manchester in the 80’s and 90’s– soaking up snapshots of fashion wherever I went, enjoying the rich eclectic scene of those mighty years, and never afraid to conjure up my own unique outfit interpretations.

Fast-forward… As a mother (never too old to party,) a daughter (never to young to dream big,) and a mate (are we really that age?!) – I’m now living in the North East and devoting my time to making silver jewellery; reflecting on past style inspirations as well as anticipating new trends.

I enjoy creating one-off pieces that celebrate individualism and give the wearer the chance to feel beautifully unique.  We are all different and I love the idea of letting followers of fashion add their own special slant to an outfit by wearing something they won’t see on anyone else.

When someone looks stunning and we admire their style, chances are they’re feeling comfortable.  And to feel comfortable; it’s about being able to express yourself as an individual.  Everyone deserves to stand out and shine and I’m inspired to create jewellery that enables the wearer to do just that.